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April 14, 2016  •  8 Comments

To my wonderful clients:


We are blessed. My family and I are so, so blessed. I started Kari V Photography 5 years ago this month and I never imagined this business would do as well as it has. I started it as a hobby and it quickly grew to a business that was full-time. I quit my “real job” and dove in head first and never looked back. As it continually blessed me in ways I never thought possible, now I am being blessed in a different way.

My youngest started kindergarten this year and my daughter is in 2nd grade. I started to realize how precious time is when that baby of mine was barely home and it was already time for homework, dinner, baths and bed.  Things were a lot easier when we didn't have a set schedule and they could stay up late. The only down time they get is on the weekends, and guess what? That's when photographers work the most.

I love being a photographer. Most of the time it isn't like work for me. I get to go cuddle with babies all day or meet new families and make toddlers smile. The downfall is during the time I am making all of those other kids smile, I'm not making mine smile. My two are playing at Grandma's house, hanging out with their dad or sitting at home and watching TV. They aren't spending time with their mom. They aren't getting to know me and I'm not getting to know them.

I thought if I condensed my schedule to shooting 4 days a week (5 in the busy season but let's face it.... the busy season for me is 9 months out of the year), then it'd make things easier. So these 4 days a week I work 10-12 hour days shooting sessions and make it home in time to kiss those kids goodnight. I wake them up in the mornings and take them to school and don't see them again until bed time. Those days I'm off work, I spend 10-12 hours in front of the computer managing Social Media, e-mails and editing those 4 days of sessions. Instead of spending those off days cleaning the house, cooking meals and spending time with the kids, I continue to do more work. They don't even ask me to play or read anymore if they see the laptop out. The realization of that broke my heart beyond comprehension.

I started praying about this some time ago. I prayed that God would show me how to make this work to be the best that I could in both areas of being wife and mom and also being a photographer. In my heart, I know God wants me to be home more. My husband is being blessed in his business now which gives me some options. So with a heavy, but excited, heart I come to you to tell you that this will be my last year as “Kari V.”

I will continue to work through the majority of the year, finishing all of my scheduled contracts of weddings, events and baby program clients. I will do mini sessions for the big Holidays and seasons. Anything that has already been booked or planned will remain the same.. no changes! I will only be taking a select number of “new” client sessions during these last few months to be able to accommodate those who already have sessions planned.

All mini sessions for the year and regular session dates are planned. If you know you will be wanting a session at all in 2016, please go ahead and get it on the schedule. If you have a print voucher from a fundraiser, all that are out should expire in September. Get those booked before they expire! The mini sessions that are scheduled are Father's Day minis, Independence Day minis, Boudoir marathon, Back-to-school minis, Fall family minis, Santa minis and Christmas minis. Booking for ALL of these is open, so please jump on them while they are available.

I am announcing this so early because it would be terrible to pop up in November and say “SURPRISE! I AM CLOSING!” I couldn't do that. I want you to have time for it to sink in. I want you to enjoy your last few months with me as I want to enjoy my last few months with you. I hate secrets and can't keep something this huge from my clients who I consider family!

To Brides I have scheduled: BREATHE! Nothing has changed as we aren't closing until the end of the year! This will not affect a single thing that we have planned for your wedding :) :)

I really appreciate all of my clients and their families so much. I don't want to let any of you down in any way at all. Thank you for making the past 5 years so amazing and allowing me to have a job that I love. I've grown as a person and photographer. I have formed many friendships and have met so many wonderful people that I am so thankful for. Please continue to show me your support over the next seven months as I close this chapter of my life to open another.


Love always,
Kari V


Casey Shaffer(non-registered)
I wish you nothing but the best in your future you will surely be missed
Windy Becker(non-registered)
You are such an amazing photographer and I am so grateful for all the work you have done for us. So sad knowing you won't be the one to capture our family's moments anymore; however I wish you best of luck in your next chapter of life. I know your kids will enjoy it!!
While I'm sad that you won't capture a moment in time with my babies anymore I totally respect and praise you for what you are doing! YOU ARE A GREAT MOTHER!!! How awesome will it be to spend more time with them!!! So happy for you!
Kim Roark(non-registered)
I learned so much from you in the 2 years I worked for you and I know how important your kids are to you and I know you have struggled with leaving them so much. I wish you and your family nothing but happiness. I know you will be greatly missed by all the families you have taken pictures of because you are a great photographer and the community will miss you greatly.
April White(non-registered)
We love you my friend and wish you the best with the next chapter in your life!! God's Blessings Always
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